‘Dhruv Verma’ All Set to Excite the Audience with his High-Budget Indo-Polish Action Thriller ‘No Means No’ – Mid Day

Indo-Polish action thriller aims to rekindle bilateral ties – The Hindu
January 26, 2021

Debutant Indian actor, Dhruv Verma is ready to showcase the first ever Indo-Polish cinematic masterpiece, No means No. Dhruv Verma explains that the film follows the plot of his character, Raj, who visits Poland to participate in a ski championship where he meets and falls in love with a Polish mountain girl, Kasia. Dhruv describes the movie as an emotional roller coaster. 

Officials from both countries such as Mr. Ajay Bisaria, former Indian ambassador of Poland and the Hon. Consul General of Poland in Mumbai, Mr. Damian Irzyk have encouraged the project and stressed that it will serve to strengthen cultural ties between the two nations.

Dhruv Verma also comments on how difficult but amazing of an experience it was to shoot the film in the scenic locations of Poland where the temperatures easily drop down to -33 or -24 degree Celsius. 

In addition to being a love story, the film also explores the themes of women empowerment, a flag that has been brilliantly carried by the Polish actresses in the film according to Dhruv Verma. Dhruv explains that the actresses delivered an amazing performance and even coached him at some points.

Dhruv’s journey into acting was blessed from the beginning by none other than the Hollywood megastar, Steven Seagal, who was friends with Dhruv’s father. Dhruv has been acting since a very early age and now hopes to learn all he can from the Industry veterans that he has the opportunity to be trained by. Dhruv says he has high hopes for himself moving forward and he recognizes that the path he’s on is a long and difficult one, however he is determined to do all that he can to reach its end. 

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