Releasing on 5th November 2021 Worldwide.

The upcoming Indo-Polish film, No means No is a collaborative project that will deepen the relations between India and Poland. The movie has been a long time in the making and it is the result of the vision and the relentless efforts of its directors and producers. No means No is being produced by G7 Films Poland, which is a production company that focuses solely on international co-productions in order to make high quality feature films for the Global Marketplace. Vikash Verma is the Chairman of G7 Films.

Director: Vikash Verma
Script Writer: Hitesh Desai
Story & Screenplay: Vikash Verma

Producer: G7 Films Poland
Executive Producer: hitesh Desai
Assistant Director: Krystopher Andrade

The upcoming collaborative Indo-Polish cinematic project, No means No, is shaping up to be nothing less than a blockbuster. The movie has huge names from Indian and Polish entertainment industries associated with it in every department from direction, to production, to designers, to actors all the way to musicians. That’s right! The soundtrack for the movie is being made by some of the biggest names of the Indian music industry while also including some amazing Polish singers in the mix.
The legendary Indian musician Hariharan has been confirmed to be leading the charge for the film’s soundtrack. His son, Akshay, who is also an incredibly talented musician like his father, has also been confirmed to join the music team as a composer. Besides this, one of India’s most renowned and most loved singers of all time, Shreya Goshal, has been confirmed to lend her beautiful voice to the soundtrack of No Means No. Other names associated with the music of the movie include incredibly talented musicians like Karan Hariharan, Rishav Nagh and one of the songs is said to be a duet between Hariharan and Polish singer, Anna Marie Jopek.

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